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Physical Therapist Earns McKenzie Method Certification
- by Cassie Fossitt

Mecosta County Medical Center is pleased to announce that Srikanth Nallan, PT received certification in the McKenzie Method of therapy by the McKenzie Institute International. The McKenzie Method is a non-invasive, revolutionary new way to treat back and neck pain. The McKenzie Method utilizes a treatment approach for back and neck pain emphasizing self treatment and patient education for prevention, intervention, and life-long pain management skills. As a certified McKenzie Method therapist, Nallan will work with patients to not only eliminate back and neck pain, but to prevent the pain from occurring in the future. Recently, the McKenzie Method has been applied to treat non-specific pain issues of the extremities expanding the potential treatment areas.

As the only McKenzie Method certified therapist in the Big Rapids area, Nallan says one of the biggest advantages of using this method is that “therapists educate the patients about what they can do to control their pain and improve function. It empowers patients with the tools to help take control of their conditions."

Attainment of the Credentialing Certificate indicates that the practitioner has met predetermined requirements established by The McKenzie Institute International and the Board of Directors of The McKenzie Institute USA. This includes having completed a four-part series of post-graduate courses and passing a written and practical Credentialing Examination recognizing basic competency in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. If you or someone you know is suffering from back or neck pain and would like to try a new non-surgical approach, contact Mecosta County Medical Center’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Department at (231) 592-4234.

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