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MCMC Employees Honored for Years of Service in 2007

   News Release: 3/1/2007

A group of 76 employees of Mecosta County Medical Center were honored for their cumulative 1,050 years of dedicated healthcare service to the community at a special award ceremony held recently. Included in the honors were Gwen Dennis, Nursing Services Shelly Spedowske, Nursing Services, each of whom was recognized for 35 years of service.

Other employees recognized were:

5 years:

Madelon Abbott, Justin Alexander, Hope Barron, Tina Cobb, Wendy Crow, Lisa Dunkel, Dena Durante, Kathleen English, Craig Erickson, Mitchell Gilroy, Kim Gray, Nora Hatchew, Kathy Hawkins, Tory Hess, Judith (Kriss) Kent, Emily Lach, James Markey, Matt Petoskey, Megan Renne, Kristen Ruddick, Laurie Schafer, Andrea Scott, Yvonne Scott, Angela Shearer, Lois Spedowski, Bonnie Standlick, Lorena Traynor, Rochelle Traynor, Christine Trempe, Nancy Wanstead, Shania Wilson, Sabrina Wimmer, Monique Zelinski, and Julie Chilson

10 years:

Cassie Allen, Tammy Crysler, Darcy Davidson, Alison Dufay-Brown, Jan Glaser, Denise Hamilton, Dawn Jones, Jamie Pontz, Christina Stieg, and Denise VanSyckle

15 years:

Janice Bullock, Alecia Clark, Vickie Coon, Kathy Post, Janet Richmond, Gary Storey, and Sue Sullivan

20 years:

Judy Conley, Sharell Hazen, Nancy Hisem, Ginny Keusch, Shelly Newcombe, Cindy Schoner, Linda VanSickle, Kathy Wernette, and Geri Whaley

25 years:

Linda Crandell, Dena Fetterley, Jeanette Lathrop, Tina Malcolm, Char Patrick, Kathy Garner, and Marlene Skodak

30 years:

Gail Ellsworth, Nancy Hansen, Linda Holihan, John Kuehn, Mary Lou Kuehn, Lorie McLeod, and Sharon Woofter

35 years:

Gwen Dennis and Shelly Spedowske.

MCMC CEO Sam Daugherty praised the group for continuing the proud history of community healthcare service and read a series of letters of thanks he has received during the past year, underscoring the importance of employees’ caring and expertise in the lives of the people who depend on the Medical Center to help solve health problems.

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